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How do Intelligent Automation Consultants help leaders at Small-to-Medium-Sized-Enterprises augment, automate, and orchestrate workplace business processes for increased ROI and competitive advantage?

That's the question and the AutomateWorx video podcast has the answers. 

My name is Dr. Pelè — welcome to the AutomateWorx video podcast.

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Educate, Empower, evolve


AutomateWorx is first and foremost about education. The first wave of excitement in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) saw large enterprises learning the hard way about the challenges of implementation without full stakeholder education. We are working to change that narrative, especially with Small-to-Midsized-Enterprises (SMEs), which are just beginning the intelligent automation journey.

We believe that a focus on organizational learning ensures that Intelligent Automation is done, right...right from the start.


AutomateWorx provides SME leaders the education, discovery, and due diligence they need to empower their workforce through intelligent automation.

'Orchestration is to music as Automation is to work'. When automation systems are playing in harmony, employees are engaged, customers are delighted, and organizations thrive.

We believe, strongly, that work should be FUN. Empowered and engaged employees have fun at work!

RPA Orchestration, With Dr. Pelè (Coming Soon)


AutomateWorx helps leaders usher in a profitable future of work by harnessing and maintaining appropriate technologies and systems that democratize opportunity, uncover potential, build with compliance, and reliably grow revenue and ROI over time.

We believe in supporting communities of practice and centers of excellence that transform technical complexity into revenue growth and competitive advantage.


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Dr. Pele's style is so enjoyable, you won't even know you're learning!

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